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[FANART] Happy Lee Jonghyun

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Rainbo(w) LOL no 7th color 

[do not crop/edit/modify] thanks.

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Cat begging for food

[FANART] Chanyeol

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[FANART] Baekhyun

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[FANART] DOrange

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CNBLUE - Truth

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[FANART] AppleYeol =D 

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[FANART] Park Chanyeol :D

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Hey guys! So because I’m finally going to South Korea this summer with one of my bestest friends and I’m so freaking excited about it, I decided to share my excitement with all of you by throwing my first giveaway! -throws confetti- \o\

I’m actually giving away a lot of stuff (like A LOT guys) so if you want to find out what you could win and how you could win it, keep reading~!


Grand Prize: Combo Bundle


Your choice of three CDs out of the following:
o To Heart - Woohyun & Key Unit First Mini Album CD (Folded poster)
o Girls Generation SNSD - 4th Mini Album Mr. Mr. CD (No poster)
o 2NE1 Crush CD – The pink version (No poster)
o Cnblue 5th Mini Album – Can’t Stop PART 2 CD (No poster)
o TVXQ 7th Repackage Album – Spellbound CD

Nature Republic - Flower Tint Lip Balm SET by EXO including special photocards and one EXO face mask
o Your choice of either the EXO-K set or the EXO-M set

B.A.P Live on Earth 2014 Matoki Doll
o Your choice of either:
• Shishi – Yongguk’s version
• Toto – Zelo’s version

ORION Choco Pie They’re really delicious omg

Your choice of 2 kinds of LOTTE Pepero out of the following:
o Chocolate
o Almond
o Nude

First Price: Cosmetic Bundle


The Face Shop - Lovely Me:ex Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner
o Your choice of either:
• 07 Peach Shower
• 02 Choco Latte

The Face Shop – Tissue Specialist Green Tea Cleansing Wipes

TONYMOLY - Petite Bunny Lip Gloss Lipsticks
o Two kinds in:
• No.5 Juicy Peach
• No.9 Neon Red

Etude House - Rosy Tint Lips
o Your choice of either:
• No.1
• No.8

Etude House – Ice Cream Nails
o Your choice of two colors in either:
• BL601
• OR201
• PP501
• GR701

TONYMOLY - Pureness 100 Mask Sheet
o Your choice of two kinds in either:
• Shea Butter
• Propolis
• Snail

TONYMOLY - Backstage Gel Eye Liner in Black

Innisfree – No Sebum Mineral Powder

Nature Republic – Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Nature Republic – EXO Special Hand Cream 6 pcs set
o The photocard and hand creams will all be random so it will be a surprise for you!

Skin Food - Sugar Bloom Shadow Box in 03 Cappuccino Bloom

Etude House – Lash Perm All-shock-cara

Second Prize: EXO Showtime Bundle because why not XD


Elstinko Jumpsuit 327 (BW) in Large (to be safe ^^;) – One of the presents Chanyeol got for his birthday on Ep. 3 of EXO Showtime


Jungyeosya Brownie Husky Dog Doll in the largest size (50cm) – The stuffed animal that Tao and Kris bought on Ep. 7 of EXO Showtime

LOTTE Crunky Chocolate Bars in both Chocolate and White Chocolate

Nature Republic - Flower Tint Lip Balm SET by EXO including special photocards and one EXO face mask
o You will be receiving the other set that the grand prize winner didn’t choose


  • You do not have to be following me since this giveaway is mostly just because I’m super excited about going to South Korea but if you check out my blog and you like what I post, go ahead and follow me. It will make me super duper happy! \o/
  • Like this post to receive one entry. Reblog up to three times ONLY. Don’t spam your followers with this post, okay? ^^;
  • No giveaway/side blogs please~ Only like/reblog from your main blog.
  • Please don’t delete any of the text on this post either~
  • This giveaway is international! Woot! XD
  • Have your ask box open so when the giveaway ends, I can tell you which prize you’ve won! Also, you will need to be able to give me your address and other shipping info, so make sure you’re comfortable doing so before you enter this giveaway. I also won’t save your address after the giveaway so don’t worry :P

I will be using a random number generator to pick the winners so it will be fair! ^^

☆.。.:*・°☆.This giveaway will end on April 3rd at noon EST☆.。.:*・°☆

I will choose the winners then and all three of them will have 24 hours to responds to me, otherwise I will choose new winners.

I think that’s about it!

☆彡★彡Good luck everyone~☆彡★彡

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140314 Lee Jonghyun at Gimpo Airport

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umbrella sky project by sextafeira produgues in agueda, portugal. beautiful and, as protection from the summer sun, practical.